It’s Okay

It's Okay_EditedAs mothers, we put tremendous pressure on ourselves. There’s pressure to make sure our babies’ every need is met 24/7, there’s pressure to be the best wives we can be. There’s pressure to uphold ourselves to society’s standards. There’s pressure to keep the house in order, cook dinner, make sure the pantry is always stocked, etc. The list goes on. Well, in my short 10 months of motherhood thus far, I’ve learned that it’s okay.

It’s okay to let things slip once in awhile. It’s no secret that even mothers and wives aren’t perfect. There’s ALWAYS a backup plan, even if it’s not desired or what you had in mind. When the twins were about 3 months old, I was putting tremendous pressure on myself to continue breastfeeding exclusively. I was getting emotional, down and anxious because it was getting harder and harder for me to keep up as their feeding demands increased. I had always pictured my babies getting only breast milk until a year old. The day came where we had to start supplementing with formula and guess what? It was okay. It’s not what I had in mind and it wasn’t my desire, but they’re still getting nourished, healthy and thriving.

Since having the twins, I haven’t been the best version of myself physically. It’s not ideal but it’s okay. I gave life to two babies and carried them for 9 months. For that alone, I’ve gained an entirely new appreciation for my body. My body gave life. Of course I want to to be healthy for my children, but I’m not obsessed with getting my pre-babies body back, because it was just that, pre-babies. My body has forever changed from being pregnant but I’m extremely proud of that. I thank my body all the time for giving us our two little miracles. I’m busy trying to be the best mom I know how, not obsessing over the number on the scale and how many calories I’ve eaten compared to burned for the day. I most certainly condone a healthy lifestyle, I’m not trying to say otherwise. I just hate seeing new moms put so much pressure on themselves to get back into shape immediately. Society is no friend to the less than “perfect” body or what we’ve been programmed to think is perfect when in fact, perfect comes in all shapes and sizes. Doing our best on the daily is all we can do.

There are days when the dishes are piled in the sink, laundry is laying in a heap on the floor, it looks like a tornado has strewn toys through the living room. I’d be lying if I said a disorderly house didn’t drive me and my husband crazy, but it’s okay. In the big picture, these aren’t the most important tasks at hand. What’s most important to me is spending quality time with my babies every chance I get. The moments of them allowing. or wanting me to play with them are finite and I don’t want one of those opportunities to pass me by. Creating memories with my children is my number one priority. The dishes and laundry will still be there during nap time and after they go to bed.

No two mothers are alike, but we all have one thing in common. We’re trying our darnedest to raise our children in this crazy world and as long as we can say we’re doing our best at the end of each day, remember it’s okay.


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