HALO Sleep Giveaway!

I am honored to partner with HALO in offering a “Get One, Give One” giveaway to my readers. All of the details are listed below. Sorry in advance for the long post but there’s a lot of info! To read about our experience with how wonderful the HALO SleepSack and Swaddle are, please read my previous posts here and here. Please be sure to share this giveaway with any expecting or new moms that you may know. I would love for them to have a chance to win and experience the amazingness that is HALO. 🙂 Oh, and some sleep is never a bad thing either, right??

Giveaway Details: 

What: HALO “Get One, Give One” SleepSack Swaddle –> Winner will receive two, one for mama and one for a friend!

When: Contest runs from May 1st through May 6th. All entries must be submitted by midnight, May 6th

HALO_3-way-SwaddleImageWhy: Many parents find themselves trying numerous different swaddle products to find that right match for their baby.  The HALO SleepSack Swaddle’s unique 3 way swaddle feature matches baby’s sleep style right from the start– swaddle arms in, arms out or hands-to-face. As the swaddle adjusts to baby’s sleep style, baby is more likely to sleep well (meaning Mom and Dad can sleep too!). The HALO SleepSack Swaddle is also the #1 choice by hospitals for safer infant sleep.

How: Please enter below from May 1-6 for a chance to win. “Like” HALO Sleep on Facebook and follow @HALOSleep on Instagram to earn extra entries. You may also “Like” Our Twin Bin on Facebook, share it with friends and subscribe to our newsletter for additional entries. 🙂

** In honor of Mother’s Day, HALO is also running a “Get One, Give One” contest on their Facebook page for one lucky mama and a friend to receive a LUXE bassinet. Below are more details.

HALO_BassinestMainGiveawayImageThis Mother’s Day, HALO wants to bring you and a friend the gift of safe sleep for your infant. Enter the HALO Mother’s Day “Get One, Give One” giveaway on Facebook https://gleam.io/fb/kI7Mv  for a chance to win a HALO Bassinest LUXE for you and an additional one for your friend!  The giveaway will close on May 6 at midnightThe HALO Bassinest is the only bassinet that moves to bring baby to you. Your little one can sleep as close as you want – even right next to you in bed – and still sleep safely in his own separate space.  The more the HALO Bassinest moves the less you have to – which makes taking care of baby at night a lot easier.

Enter below and good luck! 





  1. 2

    patricia shaffery says

    I wish they made these for adults! Nice, warm and cuddly. I’m sure these blankets make babies feel so secure, just like inside moms.

  2. 3

    MMMullane says

    Thanks for entering. I totally agree! If they made them for adults I’m afraid I would live in the thing! 😉

  3. 5

    Kathy mullane says

    I know the Mullane twins are sold on them!!! 10-12 hr sleepers!!!!

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