Cave Tools Kabob Set Review

 Starting in January my husband and I are going to kick start a healthier lifestyle once again (I know, cliche right?). The twins are getting to a more impressionable age and are starting to eat solid foods so we are all about setting a good example.

One of my favorite, healthy summertime foods on the grill are kabobs. I always think about making them but forget to buy the darn skewers. Then, when I do think of them while at the store I can never seem to find them and time isn’t really on my side these days so I just say screw it. That was until I got my Cave Tools stainless steel kabob set! Despite it being winter here in Iowa, I made some kabobs the other night and my hubby grilled them and it’s never been easier! The set came with five skewers and a rack that you lay the skewers on and the whole thing fits right on the grill. Amazing!
Within about 15 minutes we had a healthy, delicious meal. These also work well in the oven. Come summertime, these will be a grilling staple.

Check this set out on Amazon or the Cave Tools website and enter promotion code LHWJZQMZ to get 15 percent off your purchase!

I’d love to hear what you think of them too!


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