Cave Tools Kabob Set Review

 Starting in January my husband and I are going to kick start a healthier lifestyle once again (I know, cliche right?). The twins are getting to a more impressionable age and are starting to eat solid foods so we are all about setting a good example. One of my favorite, healthy summertime foods on the […]

GIVEAWAY!! $40 Chatbooks Credit (5 Books FREE) with Ongoing Series Subscription

“Photo books for people who don’t have time to make photo books” Chatbooks has brought so much joy into our family’s life. Have you heard of them?! You can easily subscribe to an ongoing series and create custom photo books to have automatically shipped to you (with free shipping) once your book reaches 60 images. […]

Words to Keep Us Mamas Going

For the days we are running on empty. For the days we just don’t think we have it in us to read one more story, play one more game of Uno, wash one more round of sheets. For the days when we think everyone else has it together. For the days we’re sure anyone else […]

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes—A Must Have

We received this toy at our babies shower, not knowing how magical this thing would be. We call it the “music box” and now own three of them. They capture the babies’ attention better than any other toy we own. They are nice because they’re small enough to put in the diaper bag, attach to […]