Homemade Baby Food

I get so much satisfaction out of making my own baby food because I know exactly what’s in it It’s really simple and quick It’s a money saver I just got done whipping up a batch of organic peas. This will be a first so I’m hoping Asher likes them! We’re holding off on baby […]

Halloween Craft Keepsake for Your Littles

A good friend of mine came over the other night and brought all of the material needed to make these adorable keepsake crafts for our babes’ first Halloween! It was really simple. All you need is: 1 sheet each of orange and black scrapbook paper/construction paper Black Sharpie White non-toxic acrylic paint Googly eyes “Boo” […]

Twin Necessities

Almost 8 months in, I’ve compiled a list of must haves with twins. Many of these items would be very helpful to new moms of singletons as well I’m sure. Some of these may seem obvious but for new moms, it may be appreciated. I know I felt very naive when I first learned I […]