Dry Body Brushing…Say What???

Dry body brushing is an ancient technique used to improve health, clear the skin and promote well being. Our skin is often neglected despite it being the largest organ of our body. It is exposed to many chemicals through the environment, beauty products, household cleaners etc. so it’s important to cleanse regularly. This is where dry […]

HALO Sleep Giveaway!

I am honored to partner with HALO in offering a “Get One, Give One” giveaway to my readers. All of the details are listed below. Sorry in advance for the long post but there’s a lot of info! To read about our experience with how wonderful the HALO SleepSack and Swaddle are, please read my […]

HALO Giveaway Coming Soon! ~Stay Tuned~

Attention to all new mamas or soon-to-be mamas, I just got word from HALO that they will be partnering with me for a “Get One, Give One” giveaway for your choice of the HALO Sleepsack or Swaddle. If you are a new mom or mama-to-be, these are a MUST! Take it from a mother of twins. […]

It’s Okay

As mothers, we put tremendous pressure on ourselves. There’s pressure to make sure our babies’ every need is met 24/7, there’s pressure to be the best wives we can be. There’s pressure to uphold ourselves to society’s standards. There’s pressure to keep the house in order, cook dinner, make sure the pantry is always stocked, […]

Cave Tools Kabob Set Review

 Starting in January my husband and I are going to kick start a healthier lifestyle once again (I know, cliche right?). The twins are getting to a more impressionable age and are starting to eat solid foods so we are all about setting a good example. One of my favorite, healthy summertime foods on the […]

GIVEAWAY!! $40 Chatbooks Credit (5 Books FREE) with Ongoing Series Subscription

“Photo books for people who don’t have time to make photo books” Chatbooks has brought so much joy into our family’s life. Have you heard of them?! You can easily subscribe to an ongoing series and create custom photo books to have automatically shipped to you (with free shipping) once your book reaches 60 images. […]